SEP MEP Revalidations

Here at Cotswold Flying School, we can offer full Single Engine Piston (SEP) and Multi Engine Piston (MEP) revalidations.

If you have let your licences or ratings lapse, depending on how long it has been it will need some re-training and then a test. If it has not been too long then it will just need a renewal. This is much simpler, and usually just involves a flying test, which depending on your ability may be much shorter than the original flying skills test.

We have the instructors and examiners available to renew or revalidate almost any light aircraft, and we can also conduct the bi-annual flight test with an instructor on any aircraft including your own.

However much experience you have it is always good to fly with an instructor who can weed out bad habits and improve your flying and make you a better pilot.

Click on this link to look at some flying tips.

We welcome any questions or enquiries on this, please contact us here.