PPL Ground School

We can also offer ground school for help towards the technical understanding of the syllabus, or for help with studying for the written exams.

Some people can learn from books, but others can’t. So if you find you are struggling to learn or to understand the subjects, then it is possible to make use of our ground school. As we are a small school, it is rare that there are more than one or two people learning at the same time and in the same place so what we offer is one to one tuition.

We find that students who have private tuition once a week for an hour or two learn the subjects very well. All students who have used this facility have all totally grasped the subject and they all usually get over 90 percent in the exams.

We are also required in the new syllabuses to give a certain amount of ground school, and make sure that self study is effective, and that students are learning correctly the very important aspects of aviation knowledge and airmanship.

Should this be of interest to you, please feel free to get in touch with us.