New RT Phraseology

Since December 2015 there have been some quite significant changes in the RT phraseology for airports with a Flight Information service.  The most significant ones being what you say when on final and are about to land.  It is necessary to now inform the FISO what your intention is rather than just repeating your call sign.   All these instructions and more are in the RT example phraseology for departing and arriving at Kemble and can be downloaded in pdf format here.

Please read through them and work on improving your RT by following the examples shown as closely as you can.  It is quite difficult to change many years of saying certain things in a certain way when they are changed, but this is a sign of the times and is part of the ever changing scenarios when flying in the UK.

Also remember that when at an Information airfield, the controller has total control until the point of take off, and after landing.  So do not forget to ask for instructions before doing anything on the airfield.

While you are here, there have also been a huge amount of changes to Air Law.  Please refresh your knowledge here.