Night Rating

Cotswold Flying School is approved to teach the Night Rating.

The night rating is an extra rating you can obtain, once you have a PPL, or LAPL with certain conditions. This rating allows you to fly at night in visual flight rules (VFR). Night in the UK is classed as 30 minutes after sunset, to 30 minutes before sunrise, however this can vary between each country.

The night rating course consists of theory, dual instructions and solo flight time at night. The night rating is valid for life, however if you want to carry passengers at night, you must have completed 3 take-offs and landings in the past 90 days, with 1 of which must have been at night, unless you have a valid instrument rating.

To add night ratings to an aeroplane (A) licence your training will cover:

  • Theoretical knowledge instruction
  • 5 hoursĀ  of flight time at night including at least:
  • 3 hours of dual flying instruction
  • 1 hour of cross-country navigation with at least one dual cross-country flight of at least 50km
  • 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo full-stop landings

The night rating is a personal rating, not an aircraft rating, so if you have both a single-engine piston land (SEP land) and touring motor glider (TMG) class rating you can complete the training in either or both classes.

If you already hold an instrument rating (IR) in an aeroplane or TMG you can credit 5 hours towards the requirement of 10 hours of dual instrument instruction time.

More information on the night rating can be found on the UK CAA website here.