Here at Cotswold Flying School, we provide full training for the EASA PPL are approved by the CAA.

The PPL syllabus requires a minimum of 45 hours to complete, and the medical must be completed by a registered CAA Medical Examiner.

The PPL enables you to fly throughout the UK, Europe and can also be used to fly in America.

Training for the PPL starts off with general handling and learning to handle and fly the aircraft, it then progresses to the circuit, where you can learn take offs and landings. Once you can successfully do this, you then go off on your first solo, which can be in the region of 8 to 12 hours of training. Once you have become competent at solo circuits, we then teach you the navigation part of the syllabus, as well as emergency drills, low level navigation and diversions.

The final part of the PPL, consists of cross country flying culminating in your Qualifying Cross Country which is a flight to 2 different airfield, and at least 120 nautical miles long. Once this is completed you can then be put forward for the License Skills Test, which is the final test of the PPL. This is a flight with an examiner, where you will demonstrate your ability to navigate, deal with emergencies and the aircraft in different configurations.

The skills test can only be taken once you have completed all your ground written exams. Read about those here.



It does not matter how long you take to cover all the exercises and take your test, but it is generally better if you can afford to do lessons fairly close together especially in the early stages so you learn the basics much faster.

The most expensive times are when you are learning take offs and landings as we are charged for each landing, and have to pass that cost on to you. This is currently about £6 per landing. The other expensive time is when you do your qualifying cross country and you have a long flight to do, and pay landing fees at each place you land as well.

Having an EASA PPL will allow you to add additional ratings, such as a night rating which allows you to fly at night, or a Restricted Instrument Rating which allows you to fly in cloud and on instruments.

Click on this link to download a PDF file of the full PPL training syllabus.