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Alex looking happy flying above cloud

Alex Dain looking happy flying.I did my PPL and IMC with Cotswold Flying School and can’t rate them highly enough. Really good instruction in a great aeroplane, everything from landing in bumpy farmers’ fields to trips across the Alps and all round Europe. I really wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CFS to a new student / hirer. A. D.

Chris Puddy took me up for a one-hour session over the Cotswolds. He was friendly and keen to make it an enjoyable experience for me. He took a lot of care to ensure that I was fully involved and got the most out of the occasion. Throughout, I had confidence in his professional approach and I was impressed with the care he took over our safety and my welfare. It was great fun – thanks for a good job done well. Marcus Dain.

I just wanted to say thank you for the lesson my son had today. Although he was sick (sorry about that!) he really enjoyed the flight. My dad, who is 78, loved being a passenger, and he said the instructor was very kind and had a lovely manner. Thank you. Jane Jobbins.

When my friend Max asked if I would like to be his passenger for a flight over the Cotswolds, I jumped at the chance. I was very excited, if a little apprehensive- it would be only my second time flying! When the instructor, Chris, offered Max the chance to take off, I got pretty nervous. However, within three minutes, I was totally at ease as Chris coached Max around the sky. We flew right over the area and Max’s house, with some great photo opportunities! We were up there for the right amount of time and Max really took control.  Chris was there to give the perfect balance between boosting both Max’s, and the passengers’, confidence. It was all topped off when Max had the chance to bring us in to land, a couple of deep breaths and a few bumps and we were back on the ground. It was an amazing experience and none of us, including Max, had imagined he would be a real pilot for the afternoon! This would not have been possible without Chris’ brilliant advice, patience and professionalism. I don’t know if there are any similar flying schools on offer, but I think that the experience with Cotswold Flying School would be very hard to beat!  Tom, age 19.

I have attached Maxi’s thank you letter to you.
Please do feel free to use his letter and my email as you wish on your website.
Max is an extraordinary man who has had a complex medical history – two major open heart sessions and waiting for another, twisted spine, sub-mucal cleft palate, concrete thought patterns with associated learning difficulties etc etc! The genetic deletion he suffers from is 22Q11 deletion syndrome, which refers to the particular chromosome that is missing a bit of genetic material. It has also been known as VeloCardioFacial syndrome in the past.
Max has had to struggle with a considerable number of difficulties, but keeping him going through all of this is his tenacity, humour and generosity to others. He was in mainstream education (with support) but has to work so hard just to do the everyday things that many of us take for granted, that when he got to secondary school it became clear that he was going to need a much higher level of care and support. He was lucky and got a place at National Star College Ullenwood (which I believe Douglas Barder had something to do with) where they have been helping him develop life skills to enable him to be more independent and less vulnerable. He and they have done really well to such an extent that Max is now- after three years – able to accept an offer to do a foundation course at Cirencester College this September which seemed just a pipe dream three years ago.
To say that the experience you gave him was empowering would be an understatement, because it not only gave Max a great deal of joy and self belief, but gave us his parents a moment of real pride and amazement. Chris exudes calm and confidence and to be able to instill that feeling of self belief and ability to do with some one like Max – who does struggle with many of the everyday tasks – has brought to reality the expression ‘Reach for the Skies’.
His has spent so many years thinking that he would never be able to fly and he has spent so many years happily supporting and watching his friends do the things he would love to do but so far has not been bale to- such as motorsport – but for him to not only fly but have the joy of flying his best friend and cousin as well was special.
With our thanks
Rob and Susie

I flew with Max again last week, and Susie sent me this email today.
Once again, we can’t thank you enough for the fantastic experience you gave Max last Wednesday. “Awesome” is I think Max’s phrase for it and we would certainly echo that!
Your superb skill, Chris, in not only your piloting and instruction but also in “tuning in” to Max, meant that he had an incredible time, enjoyed it hugely and it really was the most fantastic 21st birthday present he could possibly have. He seems to have grown in the last week – and not only physically such is the boost that flying with you has given his confidence!
I know that he would love to come along again and is saving his pennies, so hopefully we will be able to see you again soon.
Meanwhile, many, many thanks again.

I would recommend anyone interested in flying to fly G-CC with Chris as it will be a memorable occasion  but be warned you will get the flying bug! Chris gives you confidence and makes learning a great experience. I choose to travel from Cardiff as with Chris and Stuart you are always made to feel welcome and G-CC is a good aircraft . Wish I could fly more often!!  Gerry.
(G-CC is our old Cessna 172)

Thanks Chris. Please don’t underestimate what a help you have been and continue to be, I am so so appreciative! The way you teach and most importantly understand is truly such a help you mustn’t underestimate how much it matters, to me anyway 🙂 
Chris Hillier